2. Getting Blood Work and Results

pHarmawine has a partnership with a US-based medical services company who is all about men’s health. Thru this partnership ANYONE can get their blood drawn and have specific tests run.

The best part is that:

  • You don’t have to make an appointment
  • You don’t even talk to someone!
  • You just pick the type of test you want, and order it

After you place the order, you simply go to any blood draw station near you.  No appointment needed! Just show up during business hours.  They run the test(s) and you will get the results in your email a couple of days later.

That’s it!

(The pHarmawine e-book will guide you thru which tests to have run.)

Is this for you??

By now if you are not at least a little bit excited or intrigued, then this coaching program is probably not for you.  And that’s ok! Some men like to be “average”! Nothing wrong with that at all.

But if you are looking to be something other than “average”, (like ENHANCED!) then I’m pretty happy for you! It’s totally worth it.

Test results

When you get your test results back, they each have a range which is considered normal.  The pHarmawine e-book discusses each in depth so you fully understand.

For example, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test is an important one.  It tells you if you are at risk for prostate cancer. If you are, then you don’t want to be messing with enhanced levels of testosterone and you should talk with your doctor.

normal PSA level is considered to be 4.0 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL) of blood. For men in their 50s or younger, a PSA level should be below 2.5 in most cases. Older men often have slightly higher PSA levels than younger men