CAWFEE!!! Yes, you should.

Coffee Love….

I have a favorite past time. It involves finding a wonderful coffee shop with an outdoor seating area – and of course they need to have REALLY good coffee. From my travels I’ve found two places with an abundance of such places.

  1. The Pacific Northwest
  2. Italy

Of course there are many such places around the world, but for me these have resonated for some reason. Maybe it’s the noise of the city. Maybe it’s the people watching. Maybe it’s the architecture of the buildings. Who knows, but we all have THOSE places we love right?

The other piece of the puzzle is the presentation of the coffee. Now I’m not talking about the way some highly skilled baristas can pour the cream and make a fancy design in your cup. It’s more about a saucer and a cup. Picture the stereotypical tea party, but with coffee and you are outside in the fresh air. It puts you in a place where you are not gulping down the tasty goodness. Rather, you are sipping the coffee and tasting it each time the little cup comes to your lips. This process slows you down; it activates that pleasure part of your brain which says ‘Mmmmmm.. now that’s a nice feeling.”

Do you get that when you pop into Starbucks? I don’t. I prefer the moment; the experience; the memory I just created.

And isn’t that really what a happy life is really about?