Fear Is Not Real

The moment you realize that fear is not real, that is when the magic happens.

All of a sudden, options open before that were not there before. Oh they were there, but you did not see them. Fear was blocking your ability to see them. It’s a funny thing how that works. It’s like your brain is protecting you from something; but really it’s working against you.

Several years ago I was wanting a career change. I had been working at the same place for over 16 years, nominal raises/promotions/bonuses. I was stagnant. So one weekend, I sat myself down and decided to really be honest with myself. What is it that I want? What would it take to get it? That weekend I realized that I had never done this exercise before. I also realized that I was afraid of the process!

Well, notebook and pen in hand, I just started writing. I wrote all the pros and cons of my dream(s). I analyzed the risk associated with each path I came up with. (Yes, I over analyze everything.) And then…. there it was….

Options became visible to me. They didn’t seem very scary; or at least not in that moment. And so (long story short) I left that company for a new opportunity. In the process, I doubled my salary and my bonus structure. It really was JUST LIKE THAT. Sure, a little bit of work was required, but we’re not talking anything crazy! I honestly could not believe it!

And so it began. I chose to refine my newly found “lack of fear” into a professional growth model that has paid out in spades. I could never in a million years have thought I would be where I am today. (More to come on that in future posts. I really want to share my story so others can grow too!)