Hotel Room Sex Swing

Location: 4-star hotel, Little Rock, Arkansas

All of my stories are real. These encounters reflect my escorting journey and are here pretty much just for your entertainment. I try not to embellish too much, but remember it’s all from my perspective which usually means I am under the influence of an incredible partner!

Typically when you meet a new girl there is a common rhythm to the encounter. A few messages back and forth; discussion of how long you would like the evening to be and providing some credentials for both of our safety. (Of course if you are the most awesome type you’ve already done the pre-work via P411.) You share a location just before the agreed upon time and voila! There you have the makings of a nice evening with a pretty girl. All very standard stuff.

This date, however, would not be like that. This date was quite unique and one I have yet to have a comparison. Now all the above parts still happened, but this story is about what went down as soon as I knocked on the door. Let’s just say I was not prepared.

Anna (not her real name, I am always 100% discreet.) opened the door and to my surprise was a very short little package with a smile the size of Texas. I guess I didn’t really pay attention to her profile details on height. Not a problem by any means, but I wasn’t expecting all of 5′ tall.

We greeted each other with hugs and kisses and introductions. She invited me into the hotel room and, after taking about 2 steps, I looked up and saw it. A massive sex swing in the middle of a hotel room. The details of this thing are worthy of explanation so please bear with me thru this part.

The frame itself was similar to what is in the picture. It spanned probably 6 feet around and was no less than 8 feet tall. There was mere inches between the top of the frame and the ceiling of the room. My jaw dropped. I smiled a smile the size of Texas. I looked at Anna with my blue eyes and really had no words. Sensing that I was in a bit of shock, she laughed a bit and said,

“Baby, that’s for you!”

I replied, “I think the seat is a bit low for me to reach you, don’t you think? I mean, I’m 5’11” and you’re 5′ on a good day!”

Anna laughed even harder. “Umm no sir, I think you misunderstood me. The swing is for YOU. The seat is so low so that I can reach YOU!

In an instant it became clear what little Anna had in mind for our time together. Anna needed to be the alpha. She wanted to be the aggressor and in charge. And she was going to get exactly that. We all have unmet needs from time to time and having such an outlet to address them is perfect. Though I’ve never come across someone who was willing to go to such lengths; let’s just say I was pleased with her motivation and effort.

Anna was already in a very sexy lingerie set and I had yet to peel off any sort of clothing. Clearly it was time for that. I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall to the ground. I’m a pretty fit guy and I think she liked my shoulders and pecs because her fingers were instantly running over them while I was getting rid of the rest of my clothing.

Down on the bed we went, kissing and exploring. She was quite good at knowing exactly where to kiss and lick which made the rest of me ready in no time. But just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, well, you don’t.

Anna stepped back off the bed and from out of nowhere produced a harness with dildo. She strapped it on her body and slowly came back to the bed.

“You ok with this?” she questioned. “I didn’t really ask if this was ok with you.”

I grabbed her tiny little body, pulled it over me so that she was on top. Her hair was all a mess around her head so I grabbed a handful and replied, “I’m more than ok with this.”

Again, as if by magic, she produced a tube of lube and slowly proceeded with her agenda. As you can probably tell by now, this girl had an agenda. It was set long before I even arrived! Anna worked her magic on me for what seemed like 15 minutes before deciding that I had had enough of that and led me over to the swing.

Getting into a sex swing if you have never done so before is actually more suited for an acrobat. There is a balancing act to it where you adjust straps here and there, you put the seat just so and then you are perfectly floating with little effort to maintain yourself “in position”. But once you are settled, it’s actually quite comfortable!

Anna moved – rather swung – me into position for her next “act”. I was swinging pretty far back and forth and with each swing penetrated in one way or another. It was intense and it was time to switch roles.

And switch we did! Anna got into the swing much faster than I did; impressively so. It was so sexy to try different positions with her. The same ones you are familiar with in the bed, but all different! (You really should experience it if you have the chance.) And.. LOL… exhausting by the end! I have higher than usual endurance (as I’ve been told) but Anna was in a totally different league. I was bested!

I must say, there was more sexy and more energy in that tiny little bundle named Anna than you would ever guess. But should you run into Anna yourself, just know this – all you can do is roll with it. You are not in charge. HA, not even a little bit.

~MUAH! pHarmawine