How Hungry Are You

Last year I was pushed past what i was willing to accept as a way of life. Some counseling, some reflection, a new life plan put me right. But the road to get there was not fun.

Have you ever had that time in your life where the stress is just too much? The expectations of career/family/spouse/significant other/??? are overwhelming?

What about that deep down feeling that YOUR needs are NEVER being met? And it feels like those around you, those who “love” you, really don’t seem to care about your needs? Yes, I was in that place last year. And the year before that – and the year before that. Talk about a brew pot ready to blow!

Well many years prior, I had learned a lesson about fear. Fear is not real. Fear stopped me from reaching my career potential for a really long time. Until I did something about it. But in this case, we were talking about feelings and needs. To me, somehow, this made it different. (I now realize it’s not; in fact, it was just a different sort of fear that I had not labeled as such.)

At the time I was married and very unhappy. We were living separate lives and on totally different trajectories. I had chosen a fitness path and went all in. She had chosen, well, the opposite. Within a year of putting a ring on it, she had gained so much weight it was classified as morbidly obese. I felt quite deceived as this was not the person I dated, signed up for, etc. In fact, we could not participate in any of the activities that had brought us together! Hikes in the mountains – too strenuous. Flights to fun places – can’t fit in the airplane seat and was to embarrassed. The list goes on.

And so there I was. Things needed to change. I needed a big change and I was quite hungry for it. What does Tony Robbins say? There comes a time when you just have to institute Massive Change. It’s the only way to set things right.

So I did. And it hurt. A messy divorce; hurt feelings throughout the friends and family network. It was awful.

But then it got better. And not just a little bit! The speed of change (positive change) scared the crap out of me. It was awesome. I recovered ten-fold in less than a year. My “new” friends and family (thru a very different chosen lifestyle) are incredible! The journey is amazing! And what a gift it all has been.

My hunger is still there, but it’s quite different now. Now it’s feeding me, driving me, pushing me to new levels of progress and discovery. Now the hunger is a good thing.