Justin Ross Lee (JRL): Douche

So I just finished reading a completely unedifying book by Justin Ross Lee. It’s been out for quite some time, called “Don’t You Know Who I Think I am?” I must say this book is not worth the time it took me to read it. There was no depth of a story line to it; there were no tips/tricks from which one could steal to apply towards the JRL lifestyle. It was mildly entertaining, but only in the smallest of ways.

For those of you not familiar with this guy, he achieved some notoriety in the early 2000’s for being outrageous and basically faking his way into some sort of celebrity status. Partying, women, TV shows, luxury for free (supposedly), teenager wet dreams… you get the picture. To be fair, he was probably one of the first social media whores which are so prevalent in 2019. And, also to be fair, he is really not unlike any modern Instagram model or Facebook millennial who is making money by being absolutely no one. Justin’s slant on the whole thing however is that he did it by being the biggest dick possible; and it worked!

I thought this book might contain some details or depth to the strategy JRL used to manipulate hotel staff or build an empire of club bouncers who were all on his side. He does talk a lot about that (chapters upon chapters actually) but never gets around to actually telling you how he did it. One might think that it’s all made up except that there are a few well documented forays to be found online. And to me, that’s the crux of it – he had a FEW scandalous incidents which he used over and over again to gain notoriety. Now I would have thought you could only milk a cow so much before the short lived lifespan of the media would move on. Then I remembered the era in which this douche bag was playing. The internet had not yet become the social media cancer that it is now. His actions could be exploited via traditional news channels and even be monetized.

All that said, the JRL of old is just that – old. You won’t find any new douch-baggery from him; it’s all likely to be recycled tales from the glory days. Sure there are some pictures online of exotic, first class flights and they look amazing! but in the end (for me at least) it’s just MEH. But hey, he got his moment and he rode it hard! For that I tip my pocket square to him all the while crafting my own ideas about my enjoyment of the hobby lifestyle. Could a man essentially pull off the same sort of thing within this niche market? Hmmmm… creativity flows and challenge accepted.

Oh – and don’t buy this book. It’s a complete waste of your time. Trust me.