1. Overview: The Men’s Health Project

As men age, our bodies start to decrease the production of testosterone. In fact at around age 35 (for most men), you will lose 1-2% of your testosterone EVERY YEAR. Sure, there are outliers, but guess what – odds are you are not that guy.

It affects all aspects of your quality of life. That belly fat you can’t get rid of, that foggy feeling in your brain, the lack of energy, those erections that are “not as hard as they used to be, but can still gets the job done”….(yeah you know what I’m talking about).

The good news is that you can find out where your testosterone and other hormone levels are at and then do something about it!

So this is the premise of the Men’s Health Project (MHP). Inform you about male physiology, get you the resources to monitor your own hormone levels (without a doctor visit!), and then supply you with a variety of supplementation choices to get you to ENHANCED levels! Yes even at 40/50/60 years old!

Overall project consists of the following steps:

  1. Get your blood work done – no doctors needed!
  2. Review the results
  3. Assess your overall health
  4. Decide on a supplementation program
  5. Implement the process!

The Men’s Health Project is accessible by request invitation only. This is because the laws and viewpoints around the world vary greatly and everyone needs to stay safe!


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