#Enhanced Living, #PlaySafe, #LiveSecure

Enhanced Living: This topic is central to living a life that is at the peak of your optimal performance. I have found that the quality and standard of my life has DRAMATICALLY improved by enhancing a few areas. 1) Maintain optimal hormone levels and strength both physically and mentally, 2) use the Law of Attraction and 3) live in the present by acting on things NOW.

Play Safe: I’ve been down the “traditional” path of life that most people follow. Married, kids, house, divorce, try again….. yeah – I’m not sure why our society is still following this recipe. It doesn’t work anymore! A couple years ago I made a decision to massively transform my way of thinking and my way of life and have not looked back. I am happy and fulfilled every day. I choose what comes into my life and what doesn’t. I am in control and not subject to the problems of others unless I CHOOSE to do so!

I “play” when I’m not working at my IRL job. What does “play” mean? It means I go on adventures that build memories and experiences with the positive people in my life. No soul suckers or energy vampires allowed. It means I do not date in the traditional sense! I schedule time with unbelievably wonderful men and women all over the world who want to share a couple hours, an evening, a weekend or even a longer vacation getaway. You CANNOT and WILL NOT have the experiences that I am having if you choose traditional dating. It’s highly recommended – if I do say so myself.

Live Secure: This one goes hand in hand with playing safe. Educate yourself on the dangers of social media. Learn about how your usage of the internet can be and IS being tracked by a lot more people than you realize. Use encrypted email (!learn what that means!); use VPN’s when on websites that may be associated with illegal activity in your country; always maintain your online persona when using the internet – don’t mix IRL information; and much, much more! (My blog for this topic will get into it deeper.)

I find that people who choose to spend time with escorts are very compatible with my own way of thinking. They are also looking for experiences, memories and a drama free life! The pressure of dating is gone when seeing an escort. You are free to be YOU. Just don’t be a dick/bitch and you can have almost anything you want! Really!

To summarize, my site delves into each of these areas not only to educate you, but to also share my experiences. If you are an open-minded person this site will be everything you need to live an enhanced life! Let me be your personal purveyor of energy, health, strength and pleasure. After all – If you have those, you will have a happy life!!!

Dive in my friends!