I prefer to make scheduling an easy and efficient process for you. Listed below are my preferences for getting some time on the calendar for us to play:

  • Favorite option: Get on P411!! This is the easiest and my most preferred way of confirming your credentials. If you are not on P411, PLEASE sign up and get screened. Once you have, simply give me your activated profile ID and we are good. Trust me – it’s worth every minute. I use this site exclusively these days.
  • Option #2: Provide me with the name and contact information of another known provider that you have seen. This person must have a website and published contact information as I will be reaching out to them
  • Option #3: Provide the name and phone number of your job. I will be calling to verify. Naturally the highest level of discretion will be observed. It benefits neither of us to be careless.
  • Option #4: Another provider is contacting me for a duo/couples session. In this case, I’d prefer to hear from that provider directly.

Regardless of which option you prefer, send your information to: [email protected] and we can get started!!

I prefer a minimum of 24 hours notice for all appointments. My real life calendar and planning are such that I cannot normally meet with you same day. Many people pre-book time several weeks in advance. If I am touring (outside of Portland Oregon, USA), this rule tends to be a little more relaxed.

I also ask that you VENMO 25% of the donation once we have agreed to meet. My VENMO name is pharmawine.