Let’s be brief and cut to the chase – I do not list a set of services or a menu. That’s not what this is about for me. I’d rather share an incredible moment in time with you that we design together; a customized just for us experience. Yes I am ridiculously open-minded, but that also means a different memory person by person (YMMV).

Here is my Steffen Lykke Manners list:

  • In the morning there will be coffee
  • There will not be talking until the above has happened
  • If you violate the above, you will be excused
  • Our safety is of the utmost importance and precautions are ALWAYS used without exception – so don’t even ask
  • Cleanliness is very nearly as important as safety. Please make sure you are fresh and presentable. If you are not, I will politely suggest you freshen up

That’s pretty much it! See – easy peasy!