When is it appropriate to send a dick pic

The Steffen Lykke Guide For Men – When To Share A Dick Pic

After reading a ton of material online and gathering limitless feedback from females, I have put together the following guide. If you follow the guidelines below, you will ALWAYS receive a favorable response to your dick pic.

I know – you REALLY want to show her your package! For some small reason it is super important to you. But please, hear me out.

If there is any advice that you can take to heart, it is from a professional male escort, yes?

OK, so here are the steps:

  • Picture in your mind what the perfect dick pic would look like
  • Now, kill that thought and never have it again

You are to NEVER send a dick pic to anyone under any circumstances. This means never.

But Steffen, what about when I’m contacting an escort? Doesn’t she need to know what she is working with??

No! Listen carefully – SHE DOESN’T CARE. She will spend time with you regardless (as long as you are paying LOL).

Female escorts are still ladies. They still require conversation, a bit of woo-ing, some flirting… you know all the stuff that non-escort girls like. Shooting her a picture is not only going to turn her off, it’s likely going to result in you being blocked or even blacklisted.

Seriously dude, I’m hung like a fucking stallion. Girls need to see this shit!

NO again. Remember, your dick outside of the bedroom is not an attractive thing. No one wants to look at it – especially a cute girl that you want to fuck.

Want to impress her with something? Shoot her a pic of you all dressed up or even half way put together! Or send her a present, or flowers, or ANYTHING OTHER THAN YOUR DICK. In the case of seeing an escort, if you REALLY want to impress her then do this:

  • Read and understand every page on her website
  • Follow her screening and appointment rules to the T
  • Pre-book time with her; last minute is generally frowned upon

I can promise you, the girl you want to see will be sooooooo appreciative that you did the above, your time with her will be EPIC.

Steffen, ok… so I let one slip and a dick pic went out to a girl. What do I do now!! I really want to see her!! HELP!!

First of all, shame on you. But all is not lost. My advice to you is the following:

  • Delete all dick pics from your phone, laptop and everywhere else – including all of social media. Treat it like an addiction; you must remove all temptations.
  • Notify any girl you have previously sent a dick pic that you have performed the above. Yes, fall on your fucking sword. You must pay the dick pic penalty fee. You need to genuinely apologize for your behavior.
  • If, and only if, you get a favorable response back from her you can start a new conversation. I don’t recommend scheduling any appointments right out of the gate. You have to rebuild trust that you’re not a fucking douche. After all – Steffen Lykke just saved your sex life with all of this free advice!
  • If you don’t get a response back or she tells you to fuck off – YOU ARE DONE. There is no hope with this girl. Forget her and move on. Never contact her again under any circumstances. Sorry man, your dick pic burned that bridge.


This advice is the real deal. Please take it, use it, re-post it. Tweet it. Steal it. Send it to ALL of your friends. But most of all